The Perfect Shade of Grey

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Warning: This post contains graphic details about paint samples and very little bondage.

Fairway Beauty is finally open for business. I have been talking to people about wanting to work from home since my eldest son was born in 2006 so now that it has actually happened I cant quite believe it.

The extension is up and the products are in (including some brand spanking new ones which I am so excited to tell you about!) 

Decorating has taken a little longer than expected, the building work started in September last year and you would have thought, being a Pinterest addict, I would have had absolutely everything picked out for when the time came to make my room look gorgeous. This apparently was not the case. I have spent an unhealthy amount of time in Homebase picking up samples, seriously I could easily work there now, I know the complete floor layout. I knew I wanted grey but an actual grey is really hard to come by. I didn’t want a dash of blue, or a hint of lilac. I just needed a grey! This is where my lovely friend Abi stepped in, she had painted her living room the most perfect shade and was not only happy to share the secret colour with me but she also had a tin of it left! It was fate.

As you can see from the photos below I really took the grey theme and ran with it, the result is what I hope is a clean, calm, relaxing treatment room, for my long suffering, loyal clients. Believe me there is nothing too relaxing about having a pedicure in the middle of the kitchen with my 1 year old bouncing on your lap. I am so grateful for your patience with my growing family and giving me the confidence to take this next step forward with my business.

For my new, updated price list please click the link below.

Hayley x 


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