Intimate Waxing

 Trained by Kim Lawless

Bikini £10
basic wax, includes anything outside of the knicker line

High Bikini £15 
higher than bikini, but not quite the brazillian

Brazillian £26 
hair free leaving the classic landing strip

Hollywood £28 
completely hair free, including butt crack if needed

Waxing One-oh-One

Intimate waxing is one of my most popular treatments and having been trained by Kim Lawless, I consider myself to be an expert. I use only the highest quality hot wax on my clients and ensure the highest level of discretion and professionalism at all times. 

I thought all wax was hot wax?

Temperature wise, yes all wax is hot. Hot wax also known as non-strip wax or hard wax, is removed without the use of a paper strip.  I use hot wax on all sensitive areas; facial waxing, underarms, bikini and intimate. Unlike strip wax, hot wax shrink wraps the individual hairs, rather than the skin, maximising client comfort and results. 

How long should I grow the hair for and when should I rebook? 

You need to have a least 4 weeks hair growth for your appointment . If the hair looks very long you can give it a little trim before you arrive, or I can do it for you. It is advisable to rebook for between 4-6 weeks. Every clients hair growth is different but most importantly, for the best results, you must not shave in between your appointments. 

Do I really need to take my knickers off?

If you are having a brazillian or hollywood treatment then the answer is yes. I need to actually be able to see the hair to remove it effectively and it means that the treatment is finished much quicker with a completely thorough result. Intimate waxing is one of my most requested services, so whatever you have I will have already seen plenty of times before!